sadistic saturday

in the library. it snowed its ass off last night. the side walks are almost impassable. is that a word? who knows. i woke up pretty early this morning-talked with kris. he's driving through georgia now. i can't believe he's gonna be here tomorrow! my dad's advice was for him to drive through indiana; more scenic, less out of the way. driving up through illinois is boring as hell. talked with dad this morning. my car registration/tags got lost in the mail somehow, and now i have to replace them for like 16 bucks. lame. i should've taken care of it myself when i was home over break. now i'm doing some work/chores/catching up. got lots of reading to do of course. going to work out later, then finish roxana, taming of the poo, and read articles for sex/gender class. we're watching boys don't cry sunday. i don't know if i'll go; i've seen that movie numerous times and its really hard to watch. makes me tear up and cry like a freakazoid. tonight might go to tim's party, but its up on the north side and hard to find parking right after it snows. people are very protective of their parking spots here. laterz.

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